"Party Over Here" with Elizabeth

"Creativity At It's Best"

What sets us apart from the other competition?  We don't really try and set ourself apart, but if we have to answer the question...The answer is love and creativity.  We love what we do and  God gave us vision beyond belief so everything else comes easy to us.  "Success is-liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it." Maya Angelo. We will go as far as saying, "Success is-Loving yourself, loving what you do, and loving how you do it." Elizabeth Ann Sayles.


 We have such a variety of offerings. We're always looking to do something different, to catch the eye, so your guest can be at awe....to take their breath away literally.  WHO DID THAT?  That's the question we want people to ask each other at any event or with any project we create.

 Your guest will remember, your hand beaded gown, those custom details from your veil to your flowers, from the church to the reception. The special effects that everyone will be amazed at. Yes we love special effects, it's one of our creative touches. Whether it's a baby shower, bridal shower, anniversary or a birthday party for all ages, we will become your family and have a "Party Over Here"


"Party Over Here"  with Elizabeth would also like to announce there line of faux fur coats, jackets, hats, and vests....Fierce & Foxy FuRReal,  we have been manufacturing our faux furs at least a year, we also do animal skin but only for trim at this time. Please see our photo gallery.